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Pet Preventive Care

At North Suffolk Animal Clinic, we emphasize preventive care to keep your pets healthy and happy for years to come. Our comprehensive preventive care detects and addresses potential health issues early on, minimizing the risk of future illness or complications.

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The Importance of Pet Preventive Care

Preventive care plays a crucial role in maintaining your pet’s overall health and quality of life. By focusing on preventive measures, we can identify and address potential health concerns before they escalate into serious medical conditions. This proactive approach not only helps your pet live a longer, healthier life but also reduces the need for costly veterinary treatments down the line.

What Preventive Care services include

North Suffolk Animal Clinic provides comprehensive pet wellness services for our community. Our clinic is committed to keeping your pet healthy and active through each stage of their life.

Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Regular wellness exams are the cornerstone of our preventive care program. We recommend annual exams for all pets to assess their overall health and detect any signs of illness or disease early on. Since pets age much faster than humans, regular wellness exams are essential for monitoring their well-being and addressing any health issues promptly.


Vaccinations are an essential aspect of preventive care, protecting your pet from a range of preventable diseases. Our veterinarians will work closely with you to create a custom vaccination schedule tailored to your pet’s individual needs and lifestyle. By vaccinating your pet, you not only safeguard their health but also protect your family and yourself from potential zoonotic diseases.

Parasite Protection

Parasite prevention is another vital component of preventive care. We offer a selection of veterinary-exclusive heartworm, flea, and tick products to protect your pet from parasites that can transmit harmful diseases. Continuous use of these products helps keep your pet healthy and free from parasitic infestations year-round.


Microchipping is a simple yet effective way to ensure your pet’s safety and security. In the event that your pet becomes lost or separated from you, a microchip can help reunite you with your beloved companion. Our microchipping procedure involves implanting a tiny chip between your pet’s shoulder blades, which contains a unique serial number linked to your personal information in a secure online database. This ensures that your pet can be identified and safely returned to you, no matter where they may wander.

Trust North Suffolk Animal Clinic for Pet Preventive Care

At North Suffolk Animal Clinic, we’re committed to providing comprehensive preventive care services to help your pets live their best lives. Our experienced veterinarians and compassionate staff are dedicated to supporting you in providing the best possible care for your furry family members. Whether it’s annual wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite protection, or microchipping, you can trust us to keep your pets healthy, happy, and safe.

If you’re ready to prioritize your pet’s preventive care, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Together, we can ensure a lifetime of health and happiness for your pets in Suffolk, VA.