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Feline Preventive Care Appointment Questionnaire

We are thrilled to have you and your pet with us. To help us better understand how to provide the best care for your companion, please carefully complete the following questionnaire before your pet’s upcoming appointment.

Feline Preventive Care

Questionnaires should be completed if your pet is feeling well and being seen for their annual exam.
​This is not meant for a pet who is experiencing medical concerns.

If you have multiple pets being seen, a questionnaire must be completed for each pet.

Client Information

Patient Information

If not notated, we may not be able to fill the medications/preventions during this appointment.

Medications / Supplements

Medical / Behavioral Health Screening

These help us evaluate your pet's behavior and medical health.

Risk Factors

These help us evaluate environmental risks.

Vaccination Screening

This helps us evaluate your cat's health prior to receiving vaccinations

If your pet is experiencing medical concerns/issues;

Please notify our office right away so that we may reschedule appropriately!

Preventive care exams are meant for healthy pets who are not currently experiencing any medical concerns/issues. "Sick" concerns are not able to be addressed during this appointment.

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